Friday, April 17, 2009

New Children's Adventure Book Reveals Lessons About Armor of God

/PRNewswire/ -- Follow a brave little cricket named Kirby on his personal quest for truth in Jennifer Rhodes' new children's book, "Kirby - Big Warrior, Little Warrior: The Making of a King" (published by AuthorHouse), which teaches children the necessary skills of confession, accountability, courage to stand proud and faith in order to walk with God and earn redemption.

Kirby's quest begins when the miserable toad king and his army invade the island where the crickets live. With the frogs marching in from the forest of gloom, the crickets' only hope for survival is to send their smallest, Kirby, out to the spirit-filled forest in hopes of finding help. Frightened, Kirby calls out to his god, ADONAI, for help. And ADONAI guides him through the forests filled with seven holy spirits of the lord to gather the armor of God from the variety of animals that serve as watchmen of God.

What begins as a journey to collect the armor of God transforms into a personal quest as Kirby realizes that basic knowledge of God isn't enough. He must take his basic knowledge to a whole new level by understanding that God has a son who has already won the battle for him by wearing the armor, turning Kirby's quest into one for salvation. Kirby learns to use his five senses and instinct to find the steps to salvation. When speaking with one of the lord's watchmen, Kirby learns about listening and the many names and faces of God. Rhodes writes:

"Who is the Lord?" asked Kirby. ...

"Well, take the wind that blows over us. That is His breath, His kiss.
We just take it in. It is what gives us life. That's how we know He
is with us. Or you could look up in the sky and see His glory coming
from the clouds when the sun moves behind them, creating a radiant
light. You know the Son will split the sky and part the clouds one
day. He will separate His harvest for a season to come. His glory
will cause every tongue to confess and every knee to bow down."

"Wow! No one's ever told me that before!" said Kirby.

"Kirby, you need to talk to ADONAI more often. He will reveal Himself
to you through his son. You have to listen to Him and walk in the
ways He tells you to find him. You see, I was in the top of this tree
one day, talking to Him, when He gave me this scarf of lamb's wool
with a cord of blue. He said to wrap it around my waist and use it to
carry his food. He called it the Bread of Life, His truth."

Will Kirby gather the pieces of the armor of God and rescue his family? Find out in the inspirational pages of this timeless coming-of-age story, "Kirby - Big Warrior, Little Warrior," which delivers an important message that every being, big or small, can be a great warrior if they are faithful when tried.

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