Thursday, January 7, 2010

CBF Launches Audio Bible Listening Campaign

/PRNewswire/ -- Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), a fellowship of about 1,800 Baptist churches across the country, officially kicks off You've Got The Time this month.

You've Got The Time is a nationwide Bible listening initiative launched by Faith Comes By Hearing, the world's foremost Audio Bible ministry. Almost 14,000 churches have participated and more than four million Audio Bibles have been provided free to churchgoers.

Participating churches listen to the Audio New Testament 28 minutes a day for 40 days. Research shows nearly 70 percent of believers have not read the New Testament and many do not read their Bible regularly.

Daniel Vestal, CBF's executive coordinator, is encouraging all 1,800 churches in the fellowship to participate.

"We place high value on Scripture," said Vestal. "We believe the Bible is central to the life of the individual and the church. But if we're honest about it, all too often we spend little or no time with God's Word in our daily lives... that's why CBF is embarking on this new initiative unlike any we have ever attempted before."

Bo Prosser, CBF's coordinator of congregational formation writes, "The You've Got The Time Bible listening initiative is gaining momentum. We're feeling the excitement and affirmation."

More than 200 CBF churches signed up and half of these finished listening before the close of 2009.

For those listening to the Audio Bible, Prosser said he anticipates personal and congregational spiritual growth as people engage in serious conversations centered around Scripture. He also expects engaging in the Scriptures will encourage support of global missions.

CBF plans to sponsor Audio Bible recordings for people who, due to poverty and illiteracy, don't have access to God's Word. Offerings received are slated for recording the Bible in audio for the most neglected people groups where CBF personnel work.

Half of the world's population is functionally illiterate and lives on less than $2 a day. Faith Comes By Hearing has seen how God's Word in audio breaks through poverty and illiteracy barriers, giving everyone the opportunity to hear God's Word.

"We will be transformed by listening to God's Word, reflecting on it, discussing it, and sharing it with others," said Vestal. "It will create greater desire to study and share Scripture as we open ourselves to the Spirit by hearing the Word of God."

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