Friday, January 21, 2011

Think You Have a Tough Life? Get Inspired by Bible's Story of Job, Says Gregory Jones, Author of 'Job - A Man for His Time, A Man for Our Time, A Man for All Time'

/PRNewswire/ -- The timeless Biblical story of Job has lessons that can help businesspeople and investors thrive and succeed in these difficult economic times, according to Gregory Jones, author of the Amazon best-selling book, "Job--A Man for His Time, A Man for Our Time, A Man for All Time."

"Job was the richest man on earth. He was perfect. He feared God," said Jones, doctor of divinity and chairman of Golden Gate Finance, LLC, of Atlanta, a company that underwrites loans for churches. "Even people of wealth and power and great substance can lose it all, but don't have to lose their integrity by bending the rules. Job had integrity. He acknowledged the Lord and the Lord gave him wealth."

Job is the epic story of suffering, destruction and redemption that can inspire people who are going through hardships, he said.

Here are highlights of the book that can help anyone survive hard times.

* On wealth and prosperity: "Job was not impressed with his wealth. He had no pride or arrogance about his wealth," said Jones. "Today, the emphasis we hold on material possessions is what cripples our focus from the real blessings we hold by God's favor. But Job said: 'God gave me all these things.' When Job lost his wealth he didn't lose faith. Instead, he said: 'Blessed is the Lord.'"
* On adversity: "Job didn't blame others, consider suicide or curse God," Jones said. "Job said 'Although you slay me, I will trust in thee.'"
* On humility: "Job was humble. He understood that all wealth and power comes from the Lord. Until you build treasures in heaven, you cannot have wealth in this earth," Jones said.
* On short-term thinking: "Your desires must meet up with God's desires, then you can run the race to win," he said.
* On suffering: "Who hasn't gone through some test of confidence of faith in their family, their job or their health? This is the mystery of life. If we just hold on, then you can make it," he said. "The struggle is the key to get to the triumph. When you are in the smothering ashes of despair, you have to do an introspection. When we change our attitude toward suffering, we can conquer it."

About the Book

Jones made a vow to write the book after he was on his deathbed, a victim of an undiagnosed leak in his appendix that turned his body toxic. Doctors said he wouldn't last the night.

"I said, 'Lord, if you give me another shot, I will write this book on Job,'" he said. When the doctors returned in the morning, Jones was on the road to recovery.

"You can be blessed no matter what you are going through. Going through suffering, pain, disappointment, despair, you can still maintain the character and integrity of Job," said Jones, who spent seven years writing the book.

The book has sold well on Amazon and is available in soft copy and on Kindle.

"Dr. Jones' book is excellent devotional literature for all. The author takes the reader through such likely experiences in a person's life journey using brother Job's case to teach his audience heavenly lessons," said His Eminence Dr. Sunday Mbang, Past Chairperson, World Methodist Council.

"I enjoy his enthusiasm and positive outlook on life. I appreciated the way that he's able to bring out the inspirational aspects of the story," said Cristy Lane, International C&W/Gospel Artist.

He is planning a 60-city tour to promote the book by speaking in churches and bookstores. To arrange for Mr. Jones to speak in your city, please contact him at

To see the list of tour dates, please go to

Mr. Jones has been invited to speak in London and Nairobi.

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