Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fayette: P.U.R.E. Special Needs Training

Currently, in the United States , people with disabilities are virtually invisible in the interfaith community, even though people with disabilities constitute statistically 15% - 20% of our U.S. population. Families with children with special needs are especially hard hit in finding places to worship that offer acceptance and empathy for their situation. In our communities, 2 in 5 families have a child with a disability or special medical need. Divorce rate in marriages with a disabled child exceeds 4 out 5 marriages.

The P.U.R.E. Ministry Project is a nationwide effort to assist Christians in including, ministering to, and caring for disabled people and their families within the framework of their local church. A training seminar in P.U.R.E. respite outreach will be offered starting at 9AM Saturday, September 24, 2010 at Heritage Christian Church at 2130 Redwine Road in Fayetteville.

More information and registration for this event is available by calling P.U.R.E Ministries at 678-318-1929 or online at Cost is $10.

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